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Interesting sign that the GOP is on the comeback trail nationally Kelly Ayotte expected to run for US Senate in NH

June 25, 2009

We usually don’t cover national politics here at ROM but NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is expected to run for Senate in New Hampshire and that is big news for the GOP as a whole, the fact that polling must be starting to show a path to victory and that begins to bring out the top tier recruits like Ayotte who usually only run when they know they can win.  Ayotte is a moderate Republican with sterling bipartisan credentials.

From Huffington Post “Ayotte would be a dream candidate for the GOP in NH, which has seen every GOP seat since 2006 in play from Republican to Democrat (former Sen. Sununu now Sen. Shaheen, former Rep. Bradley now Rep. Shea-Porter, Former Rep. Bass now Rep. Rep. Paul Hodes.)  Another poignant issue: AG Kelly Ayotte has young children and huge popularity in the state. She won’t run if she doesn’t think she can win — and it increasingly looks like she may run.”

When opportunity presents itself it is too late for preparation.


Could Republicans find a savior in N.H.?

Kelly Ayotte Dream Candidate for the GOP

You want a Hot Dog?

November 3, 2008

This is possibly one of the funniest video’s I have ever seen.  Priceless…

I have been laughing myself to tears all morning at the pure absurdity.

Hattip: Yall Politics


Yazoo Herald Editorial takes Ronnie to task

October 15, 2008

ICYMI: the Yazoo Herald has a good editorial on Ronnie, oh how we forget when we have good god fearing Democrats for neighbors how the fire breathing, America hating, anti-christian left wing in Washington D.C. really operates.  We don’t need to elect a Senator that will run with that crowd (even if he isn’t “one of them”) there are plenty of reasons to vote for Roger Wicker but I can’t write as eloquently as Mr. Patterson does below.  -ROM

We haven’t forgotten your record Ronnie
Walter Patterson

If you are the proud owner of a short memory, you can bet that politicians love you.
They can cavort, change, re-invent themselves, blame others for their past failures, and yet they know inside their devious little minds that you will continue to vote for them.
On the other hand, if you have a normal memory and you recall the idiotic things that politicians have done to you and to this country, you are the last person on earth that a politician wants to confront.
For example, have you seen that exciting candidate for the U. S. Senate, the former governor, the liberal, the one who almost sent Mississippi into bankruptcy?
Yes, I’m talking about the Democrat candidate, Ronnie Musgrove. His buddies in Washington, for some strange reason, smell blood in the water, and they are spending a fortune to try and get this re-treaded failure elected. They are trying to portray Musgrove as a leader who has Mississippi’s interests at heart.
To listen to the misleading ads on TV, one might conclude that he is going to Washington and single-handedly change world politics. Now if you will think back, this was the man who could not handle his own liberal supporters in the Mississippi House and Senate. He was continually slapped around like a “rented mule” by the Democrat majority.
What has changed during the last five years? Nothing! Mr. Musgrove is still the same weak liberal that he has always been. While we’re at it, remember what he did to the State budget.
That’s correct. He ran up an almost one billion dollar debt by placing ineligible participants on programs for which they did not qualify.
Does the term “buying votes” come to mind? It took a Republican governor, Haley Barbour, to straighten this mess out.
So what would happen if Ronnie Musgrove were elected to the U. S. Senate? First, none of the promises he makes now can be fulfilled. He is trying to portray the image of a man floating down a lazy river, but what he is really doing is swimming up stream like a migrating Salmon.
Should he reach Washington, he would encounter the likes of Harry (this war is lost) Reid, Chuck (I am incompetent) Schumer, Hillary (I don’t want to be the other woman) Clinton, Dick (our troops are worse that Nazis) Durbin, and Barbara (I have no clue) Boxer.
If you think the Mississippi Legislature slapped Musgrove around, I shutter to think what this crowd would do. Of course, when they finished with him, he would be for higher taxes, much higher taxes, more government waste, gun control, and against free trade.
Drilling for more oil, either off shore, domestically, or in ANWAR would be off the table. Gas prices will soar to well over five dollars per gallon, perhaps more, but Ronnie Musgrove and the Democrats will be telling us that it is for our own good, that we must wean ourselves off of oil because it is causing “global warming,” and because the mean, greedy oil executives are making too much money.
Remember what Senator Obama said? “What worries me most is how rapidly the cost of gasoline has risen.” Well, Senator, if we produced more oil, the price of gasoline would drop. For some strange reason, the Democrat Party does not get this concept.
Imagine that a Category III hurricane hit Yazoo County. There would be no electricity, no water, no gas for the cars, no food, and in some instances, no shelter. Now imagine what would happen if oil was prohibited, something the Barack Obama has proposed that we do in 10 years. There will be no electricity, no water, no gas for the cars, no food, and in some instances, no shelter. There will be no means of building a shelter or raising food. Yet, Obama and Musgrove will, if elected, push this moronic plan as far as the liberals in Congress will let them.
Happily, Senator Roger Wicker has a practical answer to this leftist problem. First, he wants to drill, drill, drill. He wants to open up more government lands for exploration, and he knows that windmills, solar panels, and “inflated” tires alone will not solve the problem.
Roger Wicker is a conservative. He knows that government can do some things, but in many cases, government is not the end all or be all. He, also, stands for fiscal responsibility, a concept foreign to former Governor Musgrove.
No, Mr. Musgrove, most Mississippians have normal memories. Some even have “elephant like” memories.
We remember your inability to lead, your fiscal mismanagement, your inability to bring your own liberal buddies on board to pass your “taxpayer” funded big government programs, and we simply say “no.”
You had your chance, and you blew it. Remember, Governor Kirk Fordice had set his successor up to have a great four years. There was money in the bank. Now you are asking us to elect you to the United States Senate.
You’ve got just one problem that your ultra-liberal Washington friends failed to tell you. Mississippians have long memories.
Walter Patterson is a columnist for The Yazoo Herald. He can be reached by e-mail at

Quick, it’s an emergency, Ronnie needs a new fainting couch!

September 29, 2008



Ronnie’s record will make you “Blush”

September 29, 2008

The NRSC is doing a great job getting these YOUTUBE spots out.  This one called “blush” brings back a few of our favorite Mississippi political characters and is worth a look.

Ronnie sounds like my old coon hound chasing his tail

September 24, 2008

This is just way too funny not to post


NRSC: Defendant admits giving Musgrove $25,000 “gratuity,” while MS taxpayers get saddled with $55 million bill

August 12, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC — First, there was the news today that Democrat Senate candidate Ronnie Musgrove is the public official in the case of the failed Mississippi Beef Processors Plant. Now, there’s news that not only is Musgrove the public official, but that a defendant in the Beef Plant case admitted that “gaining the favor of” Musgrove was the purpose of a $25,000 campaign contribution — a contribution that charges in the case labeled a “gratuity.”

Of course, the Beef Processors plant project failed under Musgrove’s watch and Mississippi taxpayers were left to foot a $55 million bill.

A $55 million tab for Mississippi taxpayers. And a $25,000 tip for Musgrove.

According to the Daily Journal, “[g]aining the favor of then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove was the motive behind an unlawful $25,000 campaign contribution in 2003, Beef Plant defendant Robert Moultrie admitted Monday.

“Moultrie, CEO of The Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga., pleaded guilty to one count of ‘knowingly and unlawfully rewarding an agent’ of Mississippi government with a ‘gratuity,’ which he apparently hoped would get him in good stead with Musgrove, if he should need him later.” (Daily Journal, 8/12/08

Moultrie’s attorney even noted, “[t]his is a charge that he made the contribution intending to influence and reward the official for the performance of official duties should the public official’s assistance be needed on any potential problems on the Mississippi beef project.” (Daily Journal, 8/12/08

“Have you ever given or received a $25,000 tip for work left undone?” NRSC spokesperson Mary-Sarah Kinner asked. “Ronnie Musgrove effectively passed the $55 million tab onto Mississippi taxpayers while accepting a $25,000 tip for his campaign coffers. Did Musgrove think no one would catch it? And if so, can he be trusted not to do something like it again?”

Happy Ronnie Musgrove Day!

July 29, 2008


A Proclamation
By Governor Ronnie Musgrove

WHEREAS, the summer 2002 Internship Program began on June 4, 2002, to begin an epic journey for 14 young Mississippians; and

WHEREAS, through the capable leadership and inspirational example of staff members of the Ronnie Musgrove Administration, the young minds of these interns have
developed to become politically conscious and aware of public concerns across Mississippi; and

WHEREAS, the influence of a great leader, such as Governor Ronnie Musgrove, has set the standard for future achievements of the interns of Summer 2002; and

WHEREAS, the experiences of Brendan Sartin, Patrice Durr, Micah Horton, Rob Schimmel, Derrick Everett, Pamela Williams, Kimberly Liddell, Rachel Hicks, Debra
Lloyd, Lisa Holifield, Yolanda Turner, Katrice Lee, Lakeshia Robertson, and Eva
Messier will enable them to strive for excellence in their future endeavors:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ronnie Musgrove, Governor of the State of Mississippi, hereby proclaim July 29, 2002, as


in the State of Mississippi and thank you for your generous contribution to our education
and the opportunity to serve with your administration in the service of 2.8 million

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the
State of Mississippi to be affixed.
DONE in the City of Jackson, July 29, 2002,
in the two hundred and twenty-sixth year of
the United States of America.

I wish this was a joke.  Where is the party? This is bold to say the least -ROM

Musgrove Commercial Shot in Canton Subject of Scrutiny

July 29, 2008

Musgrove Commercial Shot in Canton Subject of Scrutiny
B. Keith Plunkett
The Flora HarvesterJuly 23, 2008-The Wicker for Senate campaign will file charges with the FEC against opponent Ronnie Musgrove for alleged violation of FEC finance regulations over a campaign commercial shot in Canton.
The commercial was shot on the grounds and inside a boardroom at the Madison County Courthouse on July 9. One issue over the commercial is whether the funding and participation of producers from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee constitute a violation. However, that issue is compounded by whether the producers of the ad had proper written permission to film inside the courthouse.
According to County Administrator Donnie Caughman, the group had permission to shoot on the grounds of the historic courthouse, but not inside.
“They did not have permission to go inside the courthouse,” Caughman said. “They did not mention that.”
Jim Mabus with the Musgrove campaign coordinated the ad with the Canton Film Office, which in turn facilitated use of the Madison County Courthouse grounds through County Administrator Donnie Caughman. Executive Director Jo Ann Gordon with the Canton Film Office said that her group dealt only with Mabus and had no contact with any other group.
Mabus did not return two calls requesting comment for this story.
Caughman said that Canton Film Office Executive Director Jo Ann Gordon came to him with the request for the Ronnie Musgrove Campaign.
“Mrs. Gordon came to me and she showed me that they had proof of insurance, which we don’t normally require because we have liability coverage,” he said. “They wanted to film a commercial on the historic courthouse grounds.
“All she said was that it was the Ronnie Musgrove campaign,” he added.
Gordon said that the permission was in writing and that anything arranged in the courthouse was between the producers and other individuals.
“Our office only got permission to use the Madison County Courthouse grounds,” said Gordon. “We expressly discussed with them and I have it in writing that anything they did with anybody individually they had to get written permission.
“They come in and we qualify,” Gordon explained. “Our office facilitates production. We find out what their needs are and if it has anything to do with public space.
“I’m just angry we’ve been put in this position,” she added. “I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong from anybody. We didn’t do anything different than normal. We don’t care if it’s a commercial shoot or a major motion picture. We’re going to help facilitate film production in Canton, Mississippi.”
According to Jeff Tanner, Vice-President and Director with the Ridgeland based Eyevox, his company was hired as a “third party vendor” and helped shoot the commercial. Tanner says that due to the sensitive nature of political work he couldn’t comment further on who was or was not behind the commercial, but he added, “We were not hired by the Musgrove Campaign.”
In a conference call with members of the press on Tuesday Wicker attorney Ben Ginsberg said the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee had stepped over the line with the commercial and had violated election finance law.
“The way (Musgrove) is featured in the ads in a private shooting done only for this ad. That means number one; that there’s coordination between the campaigns and more importantly what this ad does is republish Musgrove campaign materials, and that republishing of Musgrove campaign materials is what causes the violation,” Ginsberg said.
Last week, the Musgrove campaign filed charges with the FEC against the Wicker campaign alleging “double dipping,” with Republican donors.
Austin Barbour, a Wicker campaign staffer said that since the beginning the Senators staff has been in contact with the National Republican Senatorial Committee Council and the FEC to be sure they remained in compliance with the law. According the Barbour, the FEC allowed for two election cycles in this case due to a runoff election that included former Congressman Ronnie Shows, who dropped out of the race.
“Ronnie Shows dropped out of the race after the first quarter and we quit taking the runoff cycle money,” Barbour said adding that the Wicker staff has “double checked and triple checked” to be sure that Wicker remained in compliance.
Ginsburg’s take on the Musgrove charge against Wicker was that it was a move meant to “divert attention.”
“It looked to me like it was filed because the DSCC knew they were caught on this one and wanted to put up something (to) divert from their own transgressions,” he said.

And Ronnie Don’t Pay His Taxes Either

July 9, 2008

From Y’all Politics:

Documents show former Governor turned U.S. Senate candidate Ronnie Musgrove was stuck with a hefty fine after refusing to pay his payroll taxes for his employees.

During his failed re-election bid in 2003, Musgrove neglected to pay payroll taxes for his campaign employees. In August of 2005, a Notice of Federal Tax Lien was issued to the Ronnie Musgrove campaign in the amount of $73,739.12.

“Ronnie Musgrove’s failed administration of his campaign operations is reflective of his failed administration as Governor. He left a tax hole in his campaign and left Mississippi in a budget hole of more than $700 million,” said Mississippi Republican Party Executive Director Brad White.

“Ronnie Musgrove has proven he can’t be trusted to legally manage his campaign’s business, and he failed to successfully manage Mississippi’s business, so why would we entrust him with our Nation’s business?” asked White.

In August of 2007, Musgrove finally saw fit to pay his taxes, which was easy for him to do since he banked $265,771.03 in his campaign account from 2003.

“Ronnie Musgrove’s only excuse to this snafu is incompetence,” said White.

MSGOP Press Release


Notice of Federal Tax Lien
Release of Federal Tax Lien