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2007 Mississippi Republican Primary Endorsements and Predictions

August 3, 2007

ROM Endorsements 2007 Mississippi Republican Primary

Sitting here in ROM world headquarters, (my loyal readers know that it is actually my converted garage) I have collected a few campaign signs, I stole some coming back from Neshoba, I have a Phil Bryant Big Head and a Charlie Ross sign. I plan to draw sunglasses on Phil because his never ending stare kind of creeps me out. One thing is for sure, he is going to get decorated, maybe a do-rag, maybe an earring or two, I could glue on a popped collar polo to make him look hip. Please post ideas!

Last minute marketing scheme for Phil Bryant Campaign, create your own 2-D Phil, most creative gets to have lunch with Phil and Don Wildmon at the Beau Rivage? Man that sounds like a party! Just a thought….hmmm

Ok seriously, after being convincined via my radio by Secretary Erick Clark I am going to go “Touch and Vote Mississippi” on Tuesday, and this is how it will shake down, unless I change my mind before then which is entirely possible or maybe run in to those guys from Benton County, I could use some gas money. 

Governor: Haley Barbour of course

Lt. Governor: Coin Flip on Tuesday LEAN Bryant

I cannot decide, I really like Charlie Ross he has run a great campaign, raised a lot of money and with his experience may have a better command of the senate. The reason I may likely vote for Bryant boils down to how much I admire his style, he is smooth without being slick, country enough to win statewide and has a confident air about him that you cannot teach or manufacture. He appears to be a man who could someday lead our state with poise. Sure he has made some mistakes and Ross did a good job pointing them out but none of the arguments they presented turned me away. I cannot stand the big head sign and I can only pray that they round them up and burn them after the primary, and whomsoever is responsible for creating that travesty is summarily drawn and quartered. I also do not like his stand against the casino industry I line up with Ross better on the issues but am somehow drawn to Bryant.

AG: Al Hopkins of course Al was the talk of the Neshoba County Fair, giving what was considered by most in attendance to be the best speech overall. This kid could be a contender!

(My pet race) SOS: Delbert “Filbert” “Eggbert” “Englebert” “Gilbert” “Golden Boy” “Juggernaut” Hosemann

I was purely undecided at the beginning of this race, I totally dismissed Mike Lott early on as he has a history of breaking federal election laws, a crime that is especially relevant when you want to be Secretary of State and oversee all elections. I began to lean towards Jeffrey Rupp given my North Mississippi Roots and the fact that he was quick and responsive to me in email conversation, even after I broke less than favorable news about his campaign manager’s departure to the Ross camp. Jeffrey Rupp is a good candidate and a nice guy he raised a decent amount of funds and has some top level business experience that would serve us well as SOS. The problem boils down to the fact that JR ran face first into an 800 pound fund-raising, endorsement eating, grandma correcting gorilla named Delbert who possesses an untouchable media campaign, every major endorsement, and a resume that looks as if he was born to be Secretary of State.

Treasurer: Tate “Junk-Yard-Dog*” Reeves (*not an acutal nickname that I am aware of, I just went overboard on nicknames above and could not control myself)

Auditor: I will proudly vote for Stacey Pickering, I hear he is a cool guy

Insurance Commissioner: I will vote for Mike Chaney because I don’t know who Ronnie English is.

AG Commissioner: I will EXCITEDLY vote Big Max Phillips for Ag commissioner, I voted for him last time he ran, so I don’t see any reason to go and change. I have to make one underdog pick and this is it, 2 words made this decision very easy for me BEEF PLANT! -Mooooo

It’s has been a fun summer.  Good Luck to all our GOP candidates! 


The Razor Blade Sign

July 31, 2007

I have heard of a lot of dirty tricks in campaign politics but this story tops most of them. Vickie Mumford candidate for Hinds County Circuit clerk had a campaign yard sign that was lined with razor blades. You cannot make this kind of stuff up!

Big Rig Support…..Keep on Truckin!

July 20, 2007

“Breaker Breaker this here’s? the Duck, Pigpen you got a 20 on them Hogs??”
-Props to whomever correctly posts where I took the above quote from.

Recieved this pic in an email, apparently this was taken at the Interchage at I-55 and I-20.

The owner of these tractor trailers has obviously made his picks for August 7th and wants them known in a big way. 

If you have good campaign photos please pass them along I will post the good ones, I will print out and set fire to the ugly ones.


Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your……………. umm…….Tail.

Phil Bryant to sign blitz June 9th

June 1, 2007

I hate yard signs, Phil Bryant will be putting out a lot of them I imagine on June 9.  Yard sings are an eyesore on our communities and I am convinced don’t actually influence anything.  Did anyone ever vote for someone because “they had more signs?” I hereby pledge a solemn oath to drive over as many signs as I can this cycle and I will stop to uproot illegally placed signs on highways.  Have some class people!!! 

 I will also be stopping to take pictures of illegally places signs to make public on this website. 

Who cares to join my quest to erradicate yard signs forever??