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Jim Hood – “Protecting Ronnie Musgrove”

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Another lawsuit, another opportunity to protect Mississippi families, another episode of Jim Hood protecting his friends instead.

Governor Haley Barbour’s press release from yesterday:

Gov. Haley Barbour today warned the Joint Legislative Budget Committee against relying on a recent legal settlement with pharmaceutical companies as a windfall for the state budget next year.

In a letter to committee members, Gov. Barbour said the state will only receive a fraction of the settlement funds.

“I am writing to make sure you and others are not misled by this entry to think the State has $20.041 million in additional funds that will be available for appropriation or expenditure either now or in the next fiscal year,” Gov. Barbour wrote. “We do not.”

In fact, Gov. Barbour points out that the State of Mississippi may receive less than $1 million of the settlement proceeds, while Gov. Ronnie Musgrove’s law firm, which represented the state in the lawsuit, has been awarded more than $5 million in fees by Attorney General Jim Hood.

The letter is here and a letter from Division of Medicaid.

We’re sure Ronnie Musgrove has a swell family. But hopefully when Jim Hood says he is protecting Mississippi families, he doesn’t mean only the ones who are campaign contributors.

Hood – “Protecting Mike Moore”

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When more than 750,000 Mississippians were on Medicaid (many of the obviously “Mississippi Families”), Attorney General Jim Hood chose sides against the legislature, the governor, the Mississippi Health Care Trust Fund, and the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. But he did pick a side: Mike Moore.

Attorney General Jim Hood sought to continue to divert $20 million a year away from the needs of Mississippi’s health care and to a private nonprofit organization which his buddy Mike Moore was/is chairman. That money was part of the tobacco settlement designed to reimburse Mississippi’s Medicaid program and health care costs.

When it came time to line up to “protect Mississippi families” Hood chose Mike Moore instead.

Mike Moore and Jim Hood

The Supreme Court of Mississippi puts it all out there in this decision: No. 2006-SA-01088-SCT

In case you don’t recall the outcome, the Supreme Court overwhelmingly agreed with Governor Haley Barbour, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid, and the Mississippi Health Care Trust Fund and ruled against Attorney General Jim Hood and The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi.  That ruling allows for $20 million more dollars a year to go toward “protecting Mississippi families” rather than to Mike Moore’s private nonprofit organization…and Jim Hood opposed that ruling.

Jim Hood is running for reelection on the platform of “Protecting Mississippi Families” but who does he really represent? Maybe it should be “Protecting Mississippi Lawyers (Who Are Hood’s Friends).”

Hood’s Campaign: “Protecting Mississippi Families”

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No, this is not a joke.  Jim Hood is running for reelection with the tagline “Protecting Mississippi Families.”

The obvious question is “Whose family is he protecting?”

Dickie Scruggs, Steve Patterson, and former Special Assistant Attorneys General Joey Langston and Tim Balducci

Remember what he told the Clarion Ledger?

State Attorney General Jim Hood said today it would be a conflict of interest for his office to file charges against several attorneys involved in a high-profile judicial bribery scandal.

Filing a state case now could interfere with a federal case that is already in the courts, Hood told The Clarion-Ledger at an editorial board meeting.

“I’m too close to them,” he said. “It would be like prosecuting my relatives.

Jim Hood…protecting Mississippi families.

Fortunately, the feds were protecting laws.

Leniency was key to 24-month prison sentences Friday for judicial bribery co-defendants Timothy Balducci and Steven Patterson.

It was Senior U.S. District Judge Neal Biggers Jr.’s first “slack” shown in the federal case, which has scandalized the legal profession and public, and brought down one of America’s best-known attorneys, Richard “Dickie” Scruggs of Oxford.

The two men, who lived and worked together in New Albany when they were indicted Nov. 28, 2007, were the last co-defendants of the conspiracy known as Scruggs I. They, Scruggs, his lawyer son Zach and a law partner pleaded guilty to varying levels of crime associated with the attempted bribery of Circuit Judge Henry Lackey of Calhoun City in the spring of 2007.

Thoughts on the Runoff’s?

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Who will win Lynn or Lee?  Watching, waiting, listening so far before we get involved.


Right of Mississippi 2011 Republican Primary Predictions

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It’s that time again, go for it, leave your own predictions but here are the official ROM predictions








Billy Hewes “Back Then”

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Besides his first ad with the minivan we would say this is the best ad we have seen from Billy.

Even though it’s almost all still pictures and we usually hate these kinds of ads.

The message brings this one through.

ROM Overall Grade: B+