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Steve Simpson Story

November 3, 2011

Why do newspapers still print Bill Minor?

July 1, 2011

It can not be more obvious that he has not only lost his journalistic touch but possibly his mind, his incoherent ramblings during this election season should hopefully end his once very respectable career. As of now we wouldn’t take him as a guest commenter on this blog.

Just tired of reading jibberish tonight.

Pardon our lack of posting

April 28, 2011

but we are still crying in our beers over Governor Haley Barbour’s decision not to seek the Presidency. No thoughts or analysis from us because our sources ask us not to but it should suffice to say that we really wish he would have made the run.

That’s all for now


Why Rob Smith can NOT be Secretary of State Part 3

November 1, 2007

Mississippi’s Vote Stealing Dream Team

 “IKE & ROB”


Question: Why would anyone ever really oppose requiring some form of identification in order to vote in Mississippi???

Answer: Because it makes it harder for them to cheat!!!

Ike Brown and Election Thieves in Jefferson Davis County, Benton County and Tunica NEED you to vote for Rob Smith, Rob will be the kind of PUSHOVER, DO NOTHING Secretary of State that the Ike Brown’s of the world dream about.

Ike Brown and Rob Smith will work together as a team to make sure that every deceased Mississippian can still vote Democrat.

Why Rob Smith is Wrong…

1. Rob Smith denies that voter fraud is a problem in Mississippi.

2. Ike Brown is voting for Rob Smith for Secretary of State (that alone should disqualify him)

3. Rob Smith’s plan for election reform is ILLEGAL. (according to the U.S. Supreme Court)

4. Rob Smith has voted AGAINST protecting the voting rights of the U.S. Military.

5. Elections run by Rob Smith will be a chaotic and fraud ridden free-for-all with NO IDENTIFICATION and SAME DAY REGISTRATION overloading YOUR polling location with ILLEGAL voters from out of state.

Make no mistake about it, there will be votes bought and stolen next Tuesday and every single fraudulent vote will be marked for Rob Smith for Secretary of State, many of them in Ike Brown’s handwriting.


Andy Taggart’s scorecard 3 weeks out..

October 17, 2007

Andy Taggart has posted his October 16th campaign scorecard: Red/Blue Blog

Today we are three weeks out from Election Day. I have updated my scorecard as follows:

Sure things for Republicans — Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Auditor
Clear favorite for Republicans — Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Commissioner
Leaning Republican — Ag Commissioner
Toss up — Attorney General

It takes guts to put your name on predictions and I like that about Andy Taggart. Some other Bloggers need to step up to the plate (including myself) and put our credibility on the line.

Ours (yes I have collaborators now) will be out “sometime” soon.


Why Rob Smith Can NOT be Secretary of State Part 1

October 9, 2007

Rob Smith is a joke, I don’t know why I waste my time writing about a guy who voted AGAINST making sure that people with disabilities are allowed to vote, AGAINST making sure that our military who is fighting overseas could have their absentee ballots counted and also OPPOSED cleaning deceased voters from Mississippi’s rolls.

Truthfully I am nervous that Hosemann may be too nice to go negative and expose this Joker for who he really is. So until he does I guess I just have to keep Blogging about my lack of respect for Rob Smith.

Listen up folks we have a race with a CONTRAST and it is the issue of Voter ID.

Hosemann vs. Smith has been a yawner of a race, since Smith hardly seems legitimate, it is however a race worth noting because the candidates have actually drawn a line in the sand over multiple issues, chief among them being voter ID. Hosemann (and anyone with half a brain) supports a voter ID to reduce election fraud, amazingly Rob Smith is violently against voter identification and I cant seem to understand why.


Rob Smith: “Voter ID and re-registration by party will cause major disruption in elections. He said the Voter ID requirement will stop people from voting. He also said the timing, in an election year for president, is horrible. He said he is most concerned about elderly people trying to vote next year.” Laurel Leader Call October 7th 2007

Delbert Hosemann:“said he is finding little public opposition to Voter ID, and reminds people that 97 percent of voters have a driver’s license. He said the other three percent should be able to use other forms of identification, but the state must be careful to not leave anyone out of elections. “If there’s one vote out there without ID, we need to find them,” Hosemann said. Biloxi Sun Herald, October 4th 2007

Rob Smith: Many older black Mississippians say providing voter identification is a reminder of the civil rights era when the state used techniques such as poll taxes to keep blacks from voting. Hattiesburg American Sept 19th 2007

Delbert Hosemann:Considering 97 percent of voters already have a driver’s license or other picture identification in their wallets when they go to vote, Delbert Hosemann, a Republican candidate for secretary of state, believes implementing a program requiring voter identification is only natural. Columbus Dispatch October 2, 2007

Rob Smith: Voter ID is “serious disenfranchisement.” Jackson Free Press August 1st 2007

Delbert Hosemann: “I will lead a fight to pass a constitutional voter ID program, which will ensure that only citizens are allowed to vote” Laurel Leader Call September 29th 2007

So there you go, a little old fashioned DIFFERENCE between 2 candidates.

Every single one of my left wing friends and yellow dog friends strongly support voter ID. Rob Smith is obviously out of touch with the needs of Mississippi Citizens. Voter ID standards were set out in HAVA in 2002 and passed the supreme court. Everyone knows that Voter ID is common sense, the way Mississippi elections are run now, anyone who knows your name and address can go vote in your place.

Even the public perception that voter fraud is rampant is reason enough to install safeguards to stop it. People need to be empowered to vote not discouraged that their vote does not count or could easily be stolen.

Rob Smith a very scary kind of candidate, he is so wrong and so backwards on so many issues that he makes me scratch my head in disbelief.

Vote “No” on Rob Smith November 6th -ROM

Jim Hood, Pay for Play with full documentation

September 26, 2007

Mississippi we have a problem, your Attorney General is selling state contracts for campaign donations and Alben Hopkins can prove it, full release after the Jump, Here is the meat: 

On November 15, 2005, Jim Hood received $15,000 from an attorney with Bernstein Liebhard & Lifshitz of New York. Their firm received a state contract 3 months later on February 16, 2006. In return, they contributed to Hood another 15,000 dollars a week after they received the contract (February 23).

After receiving $25,000 from partners with Bernstein, Litowitz, Berger & Grossman of New York on February 14, 16, & 17th, Jim Hood signed over to them 3 separate state contracts a week later on February 21 and March 14, 2006. The same firm then gave another series of contributions on April 16, 24, 25, & 26, which followed with another contract soon thereafter on May 17, 2006.

Jim Hood received contributions of $11,500 to his campaign from Schiffrin, Barroway, Topaz & Kessler of Pennsylvania in February 2006, which led to contingency fee contracts immediately following in March and April.

Likewise, Wolf Popper of New York contributed $15,000 to Jim Hood on February 22, 2006 and received a contingency fee contract just a few weeks later on March 23, 2006.

On September 19, 2005 Jim Hood signed Baron & Budd of Texas to a contingency fee state contract, which soon led to another $19,200 for Hood’s campaign on November 7 & 8.

Looks bad, but can he make it stick on the ever so popular Jim Hood?


al_hopkins11.doc Hood’s contributions document

Hopkins Release after the jump


Jim Hood Gaffe (Cliche-Gate 2007)

September 25, 2007

Jim Hood’s Cattle Gaffe

Jim Hood -“My opponent is all hat and no Cowboy”

ROM- “HAHAHAHAHAHA Jim Hood is an idiot”

For those of you unfamiliar with wild west wisdom, the proper expression is “All Hat, No Cattle” in fact it would have been tough to mess the beloved western insult up any worse. : Hopkins questions legal contracts; Hood says challenger inflates resume

Follow up to my earlier post:

HOPKINS- “During his speech at the Capital Club in downtown Jackson, Hopkins pointed out campaign donations Hood has received from private attorneys with state contracts. Among other cases, Hopkins mentioned the $14 million fee awarded to Joey Langston and Tim Balducci, private attorneys who represented the state in a case to recover $100 million in overdue taxes from telecommunications giant MCI. Langston, of Booneville, has been one of Hood’s top campaign contributors.

“There is a pattern of behavior that creates an unhealthy perception of your attorney general’s office in the state of Mississippi,” said Hopkins, 66, who’s in private practice in Gulfport. “We don’t know if he’s selling state contracts for campaign contributions or just suffers bad judgment.”

HOOD-  Hood said Hopkins is misleading voters with campaign ads that say Hopkins has been chief judge of the Mississippi Military Court of Appeals since 1996. Hood said the court has not met since Hopkins has been in the position.

“He’s got an ad that indicates he’s got 42 years of experience and it tries to infer that it is all on the Military Court of Appeals, a court which has never met,” Hood said. “My opponent’s all hat and no cowboy.”

Hood’s press secretary Jonathan Compretta wrote “All Hat, No Cattle” in the press release which is a whole lot closer than Jim Hood (and acceptable in some contexts) who absolutely BUTCHERED this expression, I was planning on letting it slide but when a candidate for office screws us both halves of an expression, that has got to be embarrassing.  Apparently Jim Hood doesn’t know much about Cowboys.

HOPKINS- “I’m not padding my resume. That’s a true statement. I am the chief judge of the Military Court of Appeals,” Hopkins said. “I guess you could say the people in the military in the state of Mississippi are first-class individuals, every one of them. And they don’t get into trouble.”

We will update you on our new project “Cliche Gate 2007” as updates are available


Hood vs. Hopkins

September 25, 2007

The AG race is in full swing.  Both candidates are up on TV, here are their latest ad’s.  Hood’s is only vulnerable as far as Hopkins can hang on him the unbelievable and totally unethical money trail of rewarding his campaign donors with state funds.  I have not done enough research on my own so I am waiting for the Hopkins campaign to put it out.  I assume we will see Hopkins go for the jugular at some point, the line about “corrupt politicians” from the Hopkins ad might be just a touch of foreshadowing on their part. 

 According to a Jim Hood Press Release Yesterday (Below), Al Hopkins real name is Alben, and his resume is padded.

Alben Hopkins Admits Padding Resume, Hopkins claims credit for experience he doesn’t have

JACKSON, Miss. – Attorney general challenger Alben Hopkins has served as chief judge of the Mississippi Court of Military Appeals since 1996 – a court that has not heard one single case or met one single time in the past decade.

Yet Hopkins, in his latest campaign commercial now airing, claims: “As chief judge of our top military court, Al Hopkins has served the law for 42 years.”

Hopkins finally admitted his resume enhancement when questioned by a reporter Monday at a press luncheon hosted by the Stennis Institute.

“Once again, Alben Hopkins’ resume does not equate with the actual facts,” said Jonathan Compretta, campaign manager for Attorney General Jim Hood. “Mr. Hopkins’ limited experience for the job he now seeks is buried among the negative rhetoric of his campaign.”

According to Mississippi Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Chiquita Pendleton, the Mississippi Military Department’s Court of Military Appeals, on which Hopkins claims service as chief judge, has not heard a single case since Hopkins joined the court in 1996. Additionally, “no salary has been paid in the last 10 years, as court has not met,” according to a letter from Staff Sgt. Pendleton dated June 6, 2007.

So while Attorney General Jim Hood has spent more than a decade prosecuting murders, rapists, abusers of the elderly and child molesters, Alben Hopkins has sat on a court that never convenes.

“This begs the question: What experience and qualifications does Mr. Hopkins really have to qualify him as attorney general of Mississippi?” Compretta asked. “We believe the voters have a right to know.

“There’s an old saying that applies to make-believe cowboys who dress and talk the part, pretending to be what they aren’t,” Compretta noted. “Alben Hopkins is ‘All Hat, No Cattle.'”

Dang I love the “All Hat, No Cattle.” (reference to “Big Hat, No Cattle) which it is one of the finest of all Texas insults. (nice work Mr. Compretta) 

This race is sounding more and more like a junior high dance, you know there is a lot of “padding” going on, and your not sure what you can grab on to.

 Choice seems to be between someone who “pads” his campaign donors and college buddies wallets with state money or someone who “pads” his resume.

In Hopkins defense this is a fairly weak charge as it appears that Hopkins does sit on the court in which he claims, just that the court in question is not exactly active.

One thing is for sure though, Jim Hood’s hair provides his head with plenty of “padding” and it makes me laugh.

Early Analysis says Hood is still in control of this race, but Hopkins has a chance if he can stay strong on TV and turn the debate to corruption he can close the gap and make the race close.  Lots of things have to break his way though I will watch closely and may be adjusting my call on this one.

Early Prediction: Hood by 4-6%


Meet your next Secretary of State

September 4, 2007


Will Bardwell over at <> Somehow found the above picture of Republican Nominee for Secretary of State and HEAVY favorite Delbert Hosemann, it is way too funny not to spread around.

Here is our take on this race: (more race breakdowns to follow)

Most Handicappers think “Gilbert” will win this race by double digits unless little known opponent Rob Smith has very strong fundraising success (which is unlikely). Delbert Hosemann has a ton of fresh statewide postitive name ID and an obviously gifted media team with Scott Howell & Company (thanks to Sid Salter for that)

Most also believe that Rob Smith was victorious in the Democratic primary because his name was first on the ballot among 3 candidates that nobody had ever heard of, or because he had a common name, or because he was being pushed by the Trial Lawyer ticket sample ballot.

None of which will help him in the General Election, Hosemann likely has Double or Triple the Statewide Name ID as Smith. Hosemann will be first on the ballot, have TV ads and a real campaign. The Trial Lawyer ticket and 2 billboards will not be enough to even make Smith competitive.

Interestingly Hosemann and Smith also share the same regional base in Rankin county, a base and county that vote Republican. The shared base means Smith even lacks the ability to be competitive in his own backyard where he will be trounced. Try as I might I cannot come up with a scenario where Smith even gets his legs under him.

Lastly and probably most importantly Smith is against Voter ID which is very popular statewide, the media will probably frame this race as Pro Voter ID vs. Anti Voter ID and the conservative Democrats and Independents that Rob Smith would need to lock up will reject him for such a liberal viewpoint. Especially since Voter ID is coming anyway.

Early Analysis: Hosemann wins big 8-12% or more over Rob Smith who can only hope to not be embarassed by a finish that could possibly be much worse.