What People are saying about Travis Childers Right now… Ouch!

Childers’s eagerness to shrug off his party’s frontrunner is a sign that some Democrats scare easily. -Marc Ambinder Atlantic Monthly

No question that Childers’ acceptance of the Obama endorsement and calling help is his achilles heel.  He is desperate to get away from it. -Alan Lange, Editor Y’all Politics

What do you think?  The title of the Republican attack ad is “Conservatives Can’t Trust Travis Childers?”  But can we? -DailyKos (Liberal Blog)

Apparently, Childers is running away from any endorsement from Sen. Obama. -MyDD.com (liberal blog)

 GOP ads linking Childers to two recent winners of the not-very-coveted National Journal “most liberal senator” award, John F. Kerry and Barack Obama. Childers is now trying to distance himself from the national Democratic party and Barack Obama in particular, but it’s questionable how effective that tactic will be over the course of the campaign. Childers also has to contend with the real likelihood that he will win the special election amid low turnout, only to be turfed out in six months when the presidential contest will bring out more of those GOP-leaning voters and Davis will have a big stack of roll-call votes showing Childers having an 80%+ agreement in his voting record with Nancy Pelosi -Signifying Nothing

(Childers made) a hasty, hasty, hasty retreat from the intolerably cruel question about whether he wants Obama to endorse him – RedState

Davis is pressing Childers about the apparent endorsement from the Obama campaign e-mailed to Obama supporters in the 1st District… Childers insists he didn’t ask for Obama’s support and he deflected a question of whether he would accept his endorsement -Daily Journal

Well it looks like Mr. Travis is having a little bit of a tough time, he is deflecting legitimate questions, denying obvious help and endorsement from Obama and not making his liberal base or possible crossover conservatives happy.

We think this might have been Travis Childers proverbial “Macaca moment” looks like his campaign is erupting into a big ball of fire right now and his response ad is so weak that it is almost laughable.

Nowhere to go, no way to make anyone happy, campaign imploding.  This looks very bad for Tounge Twistin Travis.

This was slapped together quickly i will come back and put all the hotlinks in later.


Oh my, if this is the response I think we are seeing a death rattle, now Childers will be seen as the negative campaigner since he is on camera talking trash.  This is basically an admission of guilt which builds on the GOP case, as well as turns off Democrats or Obama supporters.  This furthers the doubts that people have about Travis and will hurt him even more.

Terrible campaign move.




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5 Comments on “What People are saying about Travis Childers Right now… Ouch!”

  1. Hernado Mike Says:

    is travis childers saying he’s never met bill clinton? is he aware that he attended a hillary clinton rally in march and was on stage with bill clinton? is travis aware that the video proof of this is available on youtube?

    hmmmmm… me thinks the travis campaign senses a vulnerability here…

  2. Hernado Mike Says:

    wait? the mayor of the 4th largest city in the state of Mississippi has a government issued vehicle? stop the presses!?!??!?!?! alert daily kos.com!!!!!

    is travis childers aware that most city officials across this state (and nation) have city/state issued vehicles?

    if travis childers is condemning davis for having a city issued vehicle, he should broaden his target to about 1,000+ city officials statewide. police chiefs, city engineers, city clerks, etc etc etc.

    this is the issue travis childers is basing his campaign on? who’s advising this clown?

  3. wompum Says:

    he’s one sick little man I tell you.

  4. Ryan Says:

    How is Childers’s campaign imploding when he won last week?

    How can you relate the Macaca story to this incident? Childers didn’t make any racially insensitive comments.

  5. rightofmississippi Says:

    Macaca moment does not refer to anything racial it refers to saying something stupid and being caught on camera doing it.


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