Mississippi State Campaign Finance Reports for April 30th 2011

April 30 campaign finance reports were due today, generally these are the best indicator of who will win primaries for the statewide races as campaigns begin spending money very shortly, the April 30 reports are generally close to the high water mark for a primary campaign, many campaigns will raise more cash in the next 2 months but generally it gets harder as most have picked the low hanging fruit by now.

Cash on Hand is really all that matters so it is all we are reporting here:


Dave Dennis: COH = $708,867.54

Phil Bryant: COH = $2,015,988.00

Bill Luckett: COH= $518,526.77

Johnny DuPree: COH= $82,752.66

Lt. GOV:

Tate Reeves: COH = $2,100,473.21

Billy Hewes: COH = $1,169,744.00

Attorney General:

Jim Hood: COH = $439,537.77

Steve Simpson: = $200,058.54

Secretary of State:

Delbert Hosemann: COH = $814,994.05

Ricky Dombrowski: = $10,847.61

State Treasurer:

Lucien Smith: COH = $427,476.00

Lynn Fitch: COH = $115,129.10

Lee Yancey: COH = $122,655.28

State Auditor:

Stacey Pickering: COH = $115,328.74

Agriculture Commissioner:

Max Phillips: COH = $136,594.08

Dannie Reed: COH = $8857.00

Cindy Hyde-Smith: COH = $37,302.50

Insurance Commissioner:

Mike Chaney: COH = $204,292.48

Updates as they become available.


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3 Comments on “Mississippi State Campaign Finance Reports for April 30th 2011”

  1. Terry Harpole Says:

    I am happy to get this and I know some more will be reported before the next report. Thanks

  2. You’ve accepted the opinion of the pundits, some masquerading as news reporters, and only list the two GOP party insiders in the governor’s race, leaving out the candidate considered to be the dark horse, General Hudson Holliday who has over $500,000 on hand from a loan he made to his campaign.

    While money certainly helps a candidate get his message out to the public, it is not an accurate measurement of the candidate’s strength out on the street.

    The vast majority of Mississippians (probably as high as 90%) do not contribute any money. Part of the reason Bryant and Dennis have raised so much money, may be due to those like former Ambassador John Palmer who after giving Bryant $5,000 hosts a $5,000 per attendee fund raiser for Dennis.

    Holliday will not be obligated to the big money folks, but rather the majority of Mississippians, that don’t have it to give. One reason they don’t have it to give is because the career politicians and party insiders are too busy repaying all their big donors.

  3. The State of Mississippi is known for an eclectic range of things. It is the birthplace of the blues. It also houses the second largest research complex in the United States. It even houses some of the oldest schools in the South, and its populace has set up a wide array of grants to help its local students continue their advanced education.

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