Lynn Fitch for Treasurer campaign on the air with GREAT ads

With 2 really high quality ads. Produced by: Dresner Wickers Associates


ROM Overall Grade: A+

“On Day One”

ROM Overall Grade: B

We really like these ads, certainly stronger in the production department than Lucien Smith.  “JT” is the strongest of the 2 ads by far with extra points for creativity and we like the gag about not using a high priced media consultant when they are using one of the highest priced firms in the business, although i would say they got their moneys worth here, the ads are sharp, crisp, well written, lighted and executed.

With the exception of Max Phillips’ spots these would be the biggest surprise hits so far in the 2011 races.

Interested to see what Lee Yancey comes up with, right now Lynn is certainly leading in the air war if she can afford to keep them on the air.


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3 Comments on “Lynn Fitch for Treasurer campaign on the air with GREAT ads”

  1. I like Lee Yancey he has proven worthy of the trust from us. He has a character that is dependable and his heart is in the right place. Yancey is not a member of the politics as usual group to roll over and shut up. He is a skilled and gifted with eyes like a hawk who will take action when needed.

  2. Parker Says:

    It is apparent that you haven’t met Lynn Fitch. She will definately get the job done!

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