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Gossip on Trent Lott’s Seat

December 4, 2007

One of my lobbyist friends gave me this round up of what most consider to be the Haley’s Short list for appointment to the U.S. Senate. 

I can not confirm any of this but here is the latest Jackson GOSSIP!

Chip Pickering – Although he may not want the seat, looking at a Gubernatorial run in 2010, Pickering is the obvious choice to replace Trent Lott and we believe that the appointment is his to turn down

Roger Wicker – Questions linger about his statewide electability and the prospect of a special election in the 1st district is not exciting to anyone

Amy Tuck – Nobody that I have checked with has any idea about her interest but the name has been floated all over Jackson

Delbert Hosemann –  Apparently Eggbert is the new favorite dark horse for this appointment, obvious statewide electability, and positive name id but would he give up his brand new statewide office?

Tate Reeves – Proven statewide electability, prevaling wisdom says that he is a bit too young and untested for the old guard to acceptlet me know if anyone has heard anything else…