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Mike Lott….takes a beating over his own press release.

May 31, 2007

Red/Blue: Secretary of State (click on link)

Honestly I am so tired of this race already I cant wait until August 8th.  That being said since I posted Mike Lott’s release I should do my duty and post the column that mocks it.

Andy Taggart & Jere Nash tell Mike Lott that he is missing the point.

 I am 100% against any form of AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens any State or Federal Benefits to Illegals, I am pro building a fence and locking down the border PLUS Deportation BUT… I am also against this kind of pointless political grandstanding.

Note to Rep Lott supporters and campaign.  Feel free to comment but yall are running for a statewide office now, welcome to the big leagues. I appreciate your stance but disagree with your tactics.


The race to replace retiring Secretary of State Eric Clark has gotten off to a bit of a strange start on the GOP side of the primary contests.

State Rep. Mike Lott, who is a very fine and impressive guy and an attractive candidate, has been beating the drum like crazy about illegal immigration. Now that issue has real legs, no doubt about it; I believe the immigration issue is one of the three big heartbeat issues (the War in Iraq and gasoline prices being the other two) that will drive a lot of votes on election days both this year and next.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how Mike can get enough traction out of that single issue to move folks to vote for him in a race for Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State watches over public lands — no connection there to immigration. He monitors securities sales in the state — hardly a hotbed of immigrant activity. The office is responsible for regulating lobbying activities in the Capitol — no, no and no.

About the only connection between the job and the immigration issue that most observers can come up with is that as the state’s primary election officer, the Secretary of State maintains the state’s voter rolls and collates election results as they come in from around the state. In that role, he would certainly want to guard against voter fraud and related activities.

But honestly, does anyone see a real threat of illegal immigrants — who, of course, don’t want to be identified to begin with — going to the polls to vote in significant numbers and by doing so undermine the integrity of our elections? Maybe folks in our state do fear that happening, and maybe that fear translates into votes in a Republican primary race for Secretary of State. Maybe.

Nash after the jump


Charlie Ross on Gallo

May 25, 2007

People have emailed me for this link, I hate to see a good man like CR getting beat on like this but I will post it so yall will quit asking me where to find it.

Mike Lott Release on Illegal Immigration??

May 24, 2007

Candidates be warned, I will post your press releases if you send them but be ready for me to cut into them.  I will give the Lott campaign slack on this one (since it is the first release I have officially received from a campaign)  We have errors here but the Mike Lott campaign gets a first time free pass.  I’m also afraid that they will have a hard time getting their message out this summer with 21k and I support all good people running for office, and in my opinion Rep. Lott is one of them.  Not to say that he has my vote, he needs to demonstrate the ability to raise some cash.


For more information contact: Daniel Bomar, Campaign Manager 228-238-5144

COLUMBUS——At a meeting with some area Republicans, State Representative Mike Lott, a candidate for Secretary of State, commented on the recent actions of the U.S. Senate concerning the illegal immigration issue.  Lott has been the vocal legislator to introduce attempts that address the different facets of the illegal immigration dilemma at the state level.

“I am extremely disappointed in what has happened on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., this week.  I am more convinced than ever that our nation’s leaders are out of touch with mainstream America.  The issue is plain and simple—-the rule of American law,” Lott stated.  “This dangerous piece of legislation focuses on what we can do to help those who have broken American law to get into this country, instead of focusing on what this problem is costing American taxpayers and how it is adversely affecting our nation.”


Eat your heart out Justin Timberlake…. Democrats are “Bringing Sexy Back”???

May 17, 2007
If this article doesn’t make you laugh at party politics nothing will.  I have been smiling all morning!From:  THE HILLDems are bringing sexy back

By Kelly McCormack

May 16, 2007 Was Henry Kissinger right when he said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”?Seeking an answer to that question, The Hill set out recently to discover whether dating has changed in the last six months, and whether Democrats, newly empowered, now have an edge on Republicans when it comes to dating prowess.Many GOP aides say that it’s the same-old, same-old around the nation’s capital — they are sexier and they dress better.
But some Democrats claim that being in the majority has meant more partying and more dates.

Due to the nature of this story — sex and dating — few aides were willing to discuss the subject on the record for fear of getting into trouble with their offices. They were also wary of having their personal lives or dating tastes made public.

The bottom line: Romantic opportunities have increased for Democrats. For one thing, there are now more of them around Capitol Hill — all the better for socializing. And some aides and political experts have noticed that Democrats have begun to dress the part and are looking better.

Well thank goodness, they were starting to smell!!! (full text after the jump)

My favorites:

“But she indicated that it would be hard for her to find a Democrat attractive. “Unfortunately, [creating a new wardrobe] is a futile endeavor,” the aide said. “Nothing can make a Democrat more attractive to a well-bred, pearl-donning Republican lady.”

“Dems are very in right now, but there’s only so much party affiliation can do for a guy who drives a Prius,” said Cutler, who is visiting Manhattan this week for her birthday and still has no job. Toyota’s hybrid model, Cutler says, is hardly the sex-mobile. “

“I am sooooo not into Dem guys even though I am a Dem,” the aide wrote in an e-mail. “Republican boys are generally more attractive, sharper dressers and throw better parties.”

Has anyone seen any sexy Mississippi Democrats??  What about the Eaves Staff?

Do they wear Mock Turtlenecks?  Any of them own a Prius??


Charlie Ross and Senator Richard White… and George Dale is a Democrat once again!

May 14, 2007


Senator Richard White was in fact in attendance of the Charlie Ross fundraiser, I guess this counts as an endorsement.  Although Senator White only has 2k in the bank as of April 30.  How big of a stick does he carry?


 Also:  Longtime Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale is back on the Democratic Party primary ballot — and he said he intends to win re-election.

Calhoun County Circuit Judge Henry Lackey reversed a Democratic Executive Committee decision that had removed Dale from the Aug. 7 party primary.

Campaign Finance Reports

May 14, 2007

It was a long weekend, I have started digging through some campaign finance reports, I will highlight some races very soon.  As they say, early financial advantages can set the tone as many folks like to align with perceived winners.  The truth is there is really now way for pundits to judge campaigns against each other save for money.   Looks like most campaigns are out working very hard for the cash.

 Race by Race breakdowns coming soon.

Working Hard for the Money – John Windsor

May 9, 2007

It is no secret that personally I lean to the Right on most issues, hence the name of the blog.  My personal persuasions are in fact trumped by my love of political process so from now on I plan on more closely covering races on both sides.

That being said, I recieved a very impressive email from the John Windsor for Secretary of State Campaign.  Apparently the Windsor campaign has banked $134,000.00 in the first quarter.  This is truly impressive in my opinion, reportedly he will be out-paced by Delbert Hosemann on the republican side, but I have heard rumors that Jeffrey Rupp will have a comparable quarter to Windsor, I guess we will see tomorrow!

Sid Salter blogged about the John Windsor campaign here: (Sid Salter Blog)

PDF of John Windsor Campaign Email Blast (click the link below)
John Windsor Fundraising Email

Working Hard For The Money – Phil Bryant

May 8, 2007

We call this prospecting mail, a letter mailed on a large scale meant to bring in small donations.  Looks like Phil Bryant is prospecting like the Californians of 1849.  Good letter, wonder how much it will net?

Click on image to expand,  several times depending on your browser settings


MySouth Fundraiser

May 8, 2007

Reporting in after quite a shindig at Providence Hill Farm.  I had a buddy showing his paintings so he took me along I cant afford the tickets so I never get to GO to these things and I’m sure my wide eyes stood out all night long.  It’s really great to see how the other half lives sometimes.

Sighted: Chip Pickering, Phil Bryant, Charlie Ross, Delbert Hosemann, Jeffrey Rupp, Deuce McAllister, a giant Ice Martini Luge and countless other notable people and items.

 I was impressed by the event, Providence Hill Farm is a beautiful place, the horse barn (if you can call it that) was easily the most impressive sight of the evening.

The Art and Music very well represented the cultural side of the state,

And of course the wine was tasty and in abundant supply!

MySouth was a benefit for five charities: Teach for America, Palmer House for Children, Habitat for Humanity, Hope for Children and Jobs for Mississippi Graduates.

I would love to hear what others though about it.

Working Hard For The Money – Delbert Hosemann

May 3, 2007


Delbert Hosemann raised more than $320,000.00 and posted a Cash on Hand of $306,807.00

Jeffrey Rupp raised: $124,512.00 with a Cash on Hand of $103,782.99

Mike Lott raised: $21,223.84 with Cash on Hand of $21,013.37

Hosemann is a steamroller that looks unstoppable at this point. Looks like this race might be over before it ever started.

Mississippi Politics reports that Delbert Hoseman will post 300k raised in the first quarter of 2007 for a DOWNTICKET Secretary of State’s race.

Impressive…Yes, Hosemann is the candidate to watch and will make a solid Secretary of State.