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Interesting article about Rep. Kanjorski and the Democrat controlled Congress

May 29, 2008

We dont cover national news here at ROM very often but we thought this article was interesting: -ROM

Exactly how would a donkey spell the word F-R-A-U-D?
By Cal Thomas
Fox News
Thursday, May 29, 2008 2:30 AM EDT

Fraud: “deceit, trickery … or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.”

The HBO movie “Recount” tells the story from the Democratic Party point of view that the 2000 presidential election was improperly won by George W. Bush because of the trickery of his fellow Republicans and the Supreme Court. That has been shown to be untrue by no less a source than the reliably liberal and pro-Democratic New York Times, but facts rarely influence propaganda.

Here’s a better example of fraud straight from the donkey’s mouth that you can bet will never be told on film. It comes courtesy of 12-term Congressman Paul Kanjorski. During a town meeting last August in his Pennsylvania district, Rep. Kanjorski made a remarkable statement about the 2006 election in which Democrats recaptured the majority. Rep. Kanjorski acknowledged that he and his fellow Democrats “sort of stretched the facts” about their intention to end the war in Iraq and bring American troops home.

A video of his remarks, now on YouTube, shows Kanjorski explaining that Democrats pushed the rhetoric about the war “as far as we can to the end of the fleet — didn’t say it, but we implied it — that if we won the congressional elections we could stop the war.” Democrats also promised to bring down gas prices if they won a majority. That worked out well, didn’t it?

“Now anybody who’s a good student of government,” continued Kanjorski in a condescending manner, “would know it wasn’t true.” I wonder how non-students of government felt about that insult? “But you know,” he said, “the temptation to want to win back the Congress — we sort of stretched the facts.”

Kanjorski would have done well to reflect on that part of the Lord’s Prayer that asks that we not be led into temptation.

Many politicians “stretch the facts” at some point in their careers, but this was more than that. While Republicans do the same thing on another level — like campaigning for spending cuts and then outspending Democrats when they become a majority — what Kanjorski has admitted to is outright fraud. Those who don’t believe in the war, which includes some Republicans, had a right to believe that if they cast their votes for Democrats in the 2006 election, a Democratic congressional majority would end the war. Instead, while huffing and puffing about it, Democrats have continued to approve funds for Iraq and Afghanistan, attaching numerous pet pork projects. Pork covers a multitude of sins.

Some Democrats have made their careers by lying about Republicans and their attempts at necessary reforms of Social Security. My Democratic friend, Bob Beckel, likes to tell the story of his mother who lived in Florida and called him after seeing campaign commercials, which he produced, that claimed Republicans were about to eliminate Social Security. Beckel says he told her, “Mom, don’t worry about it. You vote for Democrats on Tuesday and come Wednesday, your Social Security will be back.”

Kanjorski has taken cynicism about Washington and politicians to a new and lower level.

No wonder the disapproval rating of Congress is higher than it is for President Bush — 76 percent disapprove of this Democratic Congress, according to both the latest Quinnipiac and Gallup surveys; 67 percent disapprove of President Bush.

In cases of fraud, the victim usually has redress in the courts. With political fraud, voters must seek redress at the polls.

They should start — but not stop — with Rep. Kanjorski, who is faced with his first competitive race since 2002. But he has a lot of co-conspirators and even one who is not a “good student of government” ought to know when they’ve been duped by fraudulent political practices.

Cal Thomas hosts “After Hours” on Fox News Channel. Readers can e-mail him at

Oh Roger!

May 21, 2008

Wicker’s New Ad “Friend of the Coast” I am guessing that this ad is not playing in Columbus/Tupelo??

We have never really been fans of the still picture ad’s but this one is ok.

Looks like polling has told the Wicker campaign where they need to build goodwill, suprise suprise.  I don’t have me a fancy poll but I could have told you that.


A little break…

May 19, 2008

ROM will be taking a couple weeks break, not to say that if something exciting pops up we wont post about it but this blogger needs to put in some family time.

We realize that this comes at a bad time for our Mississippi Blogger Influence Ranking, as we have rebounded to a 3 way tie for 5th with our friends Cotton Mouthand Bardwell (although Bardwell now thinks we are an embarrassment) which hurts our feelings.

Planning to crawl back in the woods and lick our wounds from the MS-01 embarrassment and come out swinging when the excitement picks back up.  If there are any policy type people that understand that stuff please let us know when Travis makes bad votes so we can call him out on them.


Well Dang

May 14, 2008

Our guy lost tonight, here at ROM we think that Mississippians elected the wrong guy to the House of Representatives today.

Here at ROM there are No Regrets, No Excuses, No Posts edited but there are a bunch of liberal out of state wackos that had nothing to do with this race coming here to gloat, which has ticked us off.

We take our lumps and move on, thanks to Will Bardwell, Alan Lange at Y’all Politics, MS First District Blog, Conservativebelle and yes even sometimes Cottonmouth and the rest who contributed to the debate in a positive manner.

Our race predicting score took a hit tonight, although we never did enter an official prediction on the race we thought it was too close to call, and back in early April we didn’t think that Childers had a chance.

Therefore we will voluntarily assume that we had predicted a Davis victory, we were off by 8 percentage points dropping out overall average accuracy in predictions to 88.44%

Now if these fly by night commenters could learn how to be gentlemen we would be allright.


DCCC Tries To Launch An All Out Race War In MS-01

May 12, 2008

Now THIS is Racial Politics at it’s absolute worst. The DCCC should be Ashamed of themselves.

From the Article that the DCCC cites:

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said Thursday he would be willing to display the Jefferson Davis statue, which is in Downtown Memphis, near City Hall at the end of Northwest Drive.

Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker also said he would take the statues of Davis and of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest “in a heartbeat, even if we’d have to find some privately owned land to put them on.”

Davis said he isn’t “pushing” for the statue of Davis, despite some news reports saying otherwise.

“All I said was we’d be willing to give the statue a home,” Davis said. “That’s as far as my conversation with Gary Roper went.”

Davis said he hasn’t talked with any public official in Memphis about acquiring the statue.

He also said he doesn’t know what the exact process of obtaining the statue would be.

“I don’t even know if Memphis is even going to move it or not,” Davis said. “We were asked if we could give it a home and we said ‘yes.’ We’re not going to pay for it.

So “wanted to honor” and “try to honor” is’nt just a stretch it is complete and total bullcrap. They are talking about the WRONG STATUE!!!! This is FEAR BASED, RACIALLY MOTIVATED AND FALSE.


Now that “Flyergate” has become national news we remind all you big boy bloggers that you saw it here first.


Senatobia Democrat Endorses Davis

May 8, 2008

This should help get the Tate County Vote out. -ROM

Too close to call
An Editorial May 08, 2008

In this wild and crazy election year, even Mississippi’s First Congressional District is getting national attention.

The stakes are high – so high that even the Vice President scheduled a trip to boost Southaven Mayor Greg Davis. To counter, Democratic candidate Travis Childers has been selling gasoline at several north Mississippi service stations for $1.25 a gallon.

The television ads have been poor quality and low down on both sides, though technically the ads were not paid for by the candidates but by their national affiliates.

Davis is the best option. He has been a good mayor for one of the state’s fastest growing cities.

The district was heavily gerrymandered by the Mississippi House of Representatives to produce a Democratic winner, so we’ll just have to see how it comes out.
©The Democrat 2008

Travis Childers Vs. Tishomingo County

May 8, 2008

The Belmont Times

May 8, 2008…8:50 am

The Travis Childers and Jimmy R. Morgan vs Tishomingo County Lawsuit

It’s 2 in the morning, I’ve had too many cups of coffee and my bleary eyes are crossed from reading the whale of paperwork that is this lawsuit. This thing has more lives than a barn cat. And it has more pages than a Herman Wouk novel. But I will try to do a Reader Digest condensed version of it with the following disclaimers. I am not a lawyer. I shamefully confess that I always wished that I had become one (the Matlock type, not the Jim Hood type), but I didn’t. I am also not a real estate agent. So my opinions herein are to be taken with this in mind: Folks alot smarter than me (or is it I) wrote these papers and a country boy is trying to interpret them.

I am a citizen of Tishomingo County and I was surprised to hear that I, as a member of this county, had been sued by Travis Childers. What did this mean? What had I ever done to good ole Travis? So, I decided to do a little digging and with some help, I was able obtain a copy of the lawsuit. In the interest of full disclosure, I should reveal how I obtained this copy. The County of Tishomingo, Circuit Clerks office, charged $89 for the copy ($0.25 per copy). I understand that this was paid for by “Concerned Citizens of Tishomingo County”, some folks on the other side of the political fence from Travis, who do have a vested interest in bringing this to light. But as most people who know me knows, I would have broached this subject whether there was an election upcoming or not.

I have had my copy for almost a week and have now read it 3 times. Tonight was the first time I read it through at one sitting, but I did it to get a full sense of the whole preceeding. And believe me, Matlock it ain’t. I also contacted some county officials, the county Attorney, and other interested parties. I did email the Childers campaign through their website, but did not get a response. I did later get an email asking for money, although it was not directly from the Childers campaign.

So, why is ole Travis suing Tishomingo County? Let’s start with a letter from the office of Carnathan and Malski dated Feb 20, 1991. It is addressed to Toy Junior Bonds and wife, Billie Bonds. In this letter, the Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority, hereafter referred to as the State Agency, expresses a need to purchase Mr. and Mrs. Bonds property due to Nasa moving into Tishomingo County and the possible need of a buffer zone around the area for further development, or support structure. Here is a key phrase in this letter that is listed as one of the basis for the lawsuit. “If for some reason you think that you are not being offered just compensation for your property, you may present the Authority’s representative with evidence supporting your claim. This evidence will be considered in an effort to be fair, cooperative, and understanding. If an agreement cannot be reached and there are differences of opinion about the value of the property being acquired, the best way to insure equitable treatment for all is to put the matter before the courts. This is what is known as condemnation or an eminent domain proceeding. In such a proceeding, a jury will determine the amount of money you will be paid.” This phrasing was one of the legs on which the entire lawsuit stands. The lawsuit states that the state agency used a threat of eminent domain to obtain this land fraudulently from the defendants. They also claim that since NASA never came to Tishomingo County, then the agency had no right to wield the threat of Eminent Domain. Now, I am supposing, the letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Bonds is used as just an example of letters sent to other property owners. I did not find any reference to a similar letter addressed to Mr. Childers. In an amended complaint filed Nov. 15, 1996, the Plantiffs state that the Agency “perpetrated a fraud on the Citizens fo Tishomingo County, Ms living in the area identified as the ‘Buffer Zone’“. So I am assuming that Mr. Childers, a very very successful Chancery Clerk and Real Estate agent, would have known all the ins and outs of eminent domain proceedings and what they could do and not do. I do not know how Mr. Childers came to possess land within the area that was chosen for the buffer zone as that is not addressed at all in the Lawsuit, or if their was a tie-in with some of the other names that are sprinkled throughout the many pages of this piece of very boring legal jungle of papers.

So, bored yet? On 2-15-1996, Travis Childers and Jimmy R. Morgan filed suit in a Special Court of Eminent Domain in Tishomingo County, Ms. The claim: “That the conveyance of the aforesaid property was against the will and desire of the Plaintiffs, but that under threat of eminent domain, Plaintiffs did convey said property against their wishes.” They asked to be allowed to repurchase the property at fair market value.

The Plantiffs then filed a motion to transfer the case to Circuit Court, Tishomingo County as there were some “rights and causes of action due the Plantiffs here that are not triable in the Special Court of Eminent Domain”. This motion was in November 1996. Moving the case to Circuit Court allows the Plantiffs to allege fraud, misrepresentation, and economic loss. The order to move to Circuit Court was signed on Sep. 29, 1997.

There was a order issued on 17 Dec. 1998 signed by Judge Barry W. Ford, the case was dimissed due to no action in the previous 12 months.

In Jan 2000, plantiffs filed a motion to reinstate the case which was signed off by Judge Russell on 24 January 2000. The explaination according to the Motion to Reinstate was that the plantiffs forwarded some paperwork to the Defendant (the Agency), and he did not respond and time ran out.

On a filing on Feb. 3, 2000, the above mentioned letter is now referred to as being “a letter addressed to Plantiffs and dated Feb. 29, 1991″. This seems to imply that the land referred to in the letter now belongs to Mr. Childers and Mr. Morgan, but I didn’t see any legal papers in this suit that made that explained that connection for me.

From this point forward, there are filings and motions and refilings all the way up to March 1, 2005 when all of the property of the State Agency is transferred to Tishomingo County. An order is issued to substitute Tishomingo County as the Defendant.

Tishomingo County claims in filings that “we didn’t do anything wrong”, but the Plantiffs say that the county inherited the bad with the good and will have to pony up for the actions of the state. The amount of economic damages due to the Plantiffs is unspecified in the paperwork and has been guessed at with a wide range, depending upon who you ask.

So, Travis Childers bought, or aquired, some land in Tishomingo County. He sold it at a fair market profit and now he wants it back. The State referred to Eminent Domain proceedings in a letter and that unfairly caused some property owners to make a “bad deal” for their property. Tishomingo County now has the task of defending the lawsuit and settling this and paying any damages awarded. So, what is the big deal over a little property?

The property in question is located near the Pickwick Area. Land and construction in that area is unaware that there may be a recession going on in this country. Property is extremely valueable in that area and I have been told some outrageous prices per acre that this land may be worth. Now, remember, I am not a realestate agent, so I won’t speculate on any realestate prices. However, I do wish I owned a few acres of it. I’d sell it and take a long vacation.

So, has Travis done anything wrong? You will have to decide that. But he does have Tishomingo County sued and I wonder why, if he is running for such a high-profile office, why didn’t he just drop the suit? Is the land worth that much? Is there sentimental value? I understand that the state may have done you wrong, but now you are suing the people you propose to represent? Maybe I stand to be corrected and if I am, please email me to correct me.

As always, I’m calling it as I see it, and asking about what I don’t understand. It never hurts to have an opinion, even if it is different than mine.

So it’s come down to this. Who do you hate least in MS-01

May 7, 2008
This is maybe the first honest, fairly unbiased, article that the Daily Journal has written in quite a while.  Kudos to Patsy, Errol and Emily.  Both Candidates are pretty much Toxic at this point, I hear Davis has a new positive ad up to close which will probably help quite a bit.

Talking about the 1st District race with voters

5/7/2008 4:38:54 AM
Daily Journal

By Patsy Brumfield, Errol Castens & Emily Le Coz
Daily Journal

North Mississippi voters generally like at least one of the two candidates vying for U.S. House of Representatives’ 1st District seat.

But no one in the region will say the same for the increasingly hostile tone of what has become a very tight race.

Whether they’ve closely followed the contest and voted in each election, or whether they’ve just seen an occasional ad and don’t vote, 1st District residents agree the campaigns have been dicey.

“That mudslinging, it’s about time for it to stop,” said Union County resident Roosevelt Wilson. “Discuss the real issues. Discuss the unemployment rate and discuss health care. What are they going to do about that?”

In the May 13 runoff for the U.S. House seat, Wilson will vote for Democrat Travis Childers. And though his political views likely differ from those of Blue Mountain resident Amy Moore – who supports Republican Greg Davis – the two agree that the negative ads are degrading.

“They’re a real turnoff,” Moore said, specifically citing one television spot calling Davis a hypocrite who drives a taxpayer-funded SUV.

Another one aired recently links Childers to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, calling both men liberals who want to raise Social Security taxes.

That one irked Belafonte Gulledge of Holly Springs, who said the spot was actually counterproductive for Davis.

“He didn’t have to go there,” Gulledge said. “Obama has nothing to do with Marshall County or Mississippi at all. That’s going to hurt (Davis), because I’m going to vote for Childers now.”

Again and again, voters from Tippah County to Grenada, from DeSoto County to Lowndes, view the TV commercials, recorded phone calls and mailers that deal with personal issues as “off the subject, beside the point,” “lies” and like “two little boys.”

Most would rather hear about the real issues facing north Mississippi. For Lynn Johnson of West Point and James Wilkerson of Amory, that means the economy, especially gasoline prices. For D.R. Roughrider of Union County, that means discussion of an exit strategy for Iraq. For Goldie Siper of Blue Mountain, it means talking about education and raising the state’s national ranking.

Darrell Bradley, a shop owner in Ecru, said if he could ask the candidates any question it’d be “What in the world could you do to stimulate this economy? And what would you do about health care, because so many people can’t afford it.”

Bradley said he voted for Childers in the most recent election but isn’t sure he’ll support the Booneville native again. The campaign has been so negative on both sides that no one looks good anymore, he said.

That’s not much of a problem for Tippah County resident Brian Gates, who said he’ll vote according to party affiliation in this election, even though he admits both sides have disappointed him with attack ads.

“I typically don’t care about party affiliation and just vote for the person,” Gates said. “But this election is different because it’s a higher level of government. Party affiliation is more important.”

Ditto for Mark Lamb, who said he’ll vote for Davis because he wants more conservatives elected to the U.S. House. The Columbus Diesel Store owner also said he’s for balancing the budget and fewer free programs.

But not everyone is going to vote.

Anne Griffin, Lynn Johnson and James Wilkerson say they have been so busy with their jobs that they haven’t even registered to vote.

Griffin, who owns and operates the new Mississippi Coffeehouse in downtown Columbus, said she’s going to find time to get registered so she can vote in November, but right now she doesn’t have time to follow politics.

Neither does Shirley Jackson of Batesville: “I can’t remember who’s running,” said Jackson, before admitting that high fuel prices and lack of jobs are major issues for her.

Karen Martin and Tammie Warren know who they’re voting for – Childers. Martin, who works for the city of Columbus, says she’s worried about the economy. And Warren, who works at Dollar Mart, and is concerned about health care costs.

Laura Redditt of Grenada will vote for Childers in hopes of ending the war in Iraq. But Thomas McElhaney of Hernando will support Davis, citing domestic issues and personally knowing the man.

“The main issue for me is that we need more Republicans in Congress,” he said. “I hope that’ll keep from having a tax increase and get a hold on this immigration problem.”

James Leister of Oxford also likes Davis because of his stance on Second Amendment rights.

But again, most denounce the heated political TV and radio ads.

“I think their ads are a bunch of lies anyway,” Martin said.

Warren said she feels “overwhelmed” by the sheer volume and tone of the ads. “I feel like they’re hounding me,” she said.

Johnson says he doesn’t think much of the strong advertising either.

“It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans,” he remarked. “I’m old enough to have heard it over and over.”

While he’s likely to vote Republican for president, Johnson said he could easily vote for Childers in November, but he’ll need to get registered first.

Wilkerson, who works two jobs in Amory, said it depends upon the issue as to which party he votes with.

But he plans to get registered to make a choice in November.

“Gas prices and taxes – both need to go down a lot,” Wilkerson observed.

Others had more specific objections to the race.

“I’m a Libertarian, and since there’s not a Libertarian candidate in this race, I have no interest in this race whatsoever,” said Trey Spencer of Southaven.

Many people, however, are holding their noses and picking a candidate.

A couple More Anti-Childers Ads

May 6, 2008


Freedom’s Watch


Travis Childers and Nancy Pelosi’s $16,000, Guilt by Association Volume #11

May 6, 2008

There was considerable debate about weather or not Travis Childers was in bed with Nancy Pelosi and now we have black and white proof. Documents from the FEC showing Pelosi’s significant investment in Travis Childers, read them and weep folks.

16,000 dollars in Liberal San Francisco money to Travis Childers, who do you think Travis will be voting for for Speaker.

Just think for a second about why Pelosi would drop that kind of cash on ‘ol Travis.

The $16,000 from Nancy Pelosi, came in 5 different checks, 6 Grand from her campaign account and 10 Grand from her PAC To the Future.

Support from or for Nancy Pelosi should flat out disqualify you from holding office in North Mississippi.

So what is it going to be folks?  A North Mississippi agenda in Washington to represent you (Greg Davis) or a North California agenda (The Childers and Pelosi Dynamic Duo)?

Oh wait, am I attacking poor Travis about a connection with a “politician that he’s never met”?  Looks like you sure welcomed her checks though huh Mr. Travis?