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The GOP’s “Liberal Team Bus” Mailer

October 31, 2007




Click on the file above for the .PDF of the liberal team bus (driven by Hillary herself) featuring John Arthur Eaves, Jamie Franks, Rickey Cole, Mike Sumrall, Jim Hood, Gary Anderson and Rob Smith bringing up the rear.This thing is hilarious and I imagine would be fairly effective after Hillary’s comments last week.

The Reverse side has 7 Reasons why they should be stopped.



2007 Mississippi Statewide Election Predictions

October 30, 2007

Right of Mississippi 2007 Predictions:

This is on record 7 days out, we have carefully studied all of these campaigns for nearly a year now and this is our best guess on the final outcome.


Haley Barbour: 58.4%

John Arthur Eaves Jr: 41.6%


Phil Bryant: 56.1%

Jamie Franks: 43.9%


Delbert Hosemann: 55.9%

Rob Smith: 44.1%

Attorney General: SAFE DEM

Jim Hood: 55.3%

Al Hopkins: 44.7%

State Treasurer: VERY SAFE GOP

Tate Reeves: 60.1%

Shawn O’Hara: 39.9%


Stacey Pickering: 51.8%

Mike Sumrall: 48.2%


Gary Anderson: 51.0%

Mike Chaney: 49.0%

Commissioner of Agriculture: TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Lester Spell: 40.4%

Rickey Cole: 39.5%

Les Riley: 20.1%

The 3 of us here at ROM personally called through our address books and got responses from about 50 voters, hardly a random sample but it helped us please feel free to discuss and disagree, things could change in the next week and we will show updates if we make them.  Make your own scorecard and we can compare in a week.


Angel Eaves Profile in the Clarion Ledger

October 30, 2007



Hometown: Jackson

Age: 30

Education: graduated from Forest Hill High School; attended Hinds Community College

Family: married to John Arthur Eaves Jr.; four sons

Hobbies/interests: writing, singing, classical music (including Mozart and Bach) and video games (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man)

Angel Eaves: A survivor, she aspires to help, heal Mississippi

By Gary Pettus

She was 12 years old, lying on her back, her eyes hurting from the lights in the ambulance.

Moments earlier, she had been at a neighbor’s house, jumping on a trampoline, where she slipped and fell on her neck. Now, it felt like her legs were missing.

Inside the ambulance, she started to blink, until a voice, coming down between her and the lights, stopped her cold.

“Don’t close your eyes, sweetie,” the voice told her. “You might not wake up.”

Angel Ainsworth began to pray – her eyes wide open.

Rain is falling on a Wednesday morning, 13 days from the general election. The campaign bus is shooting north on I-55, its tires slinging mist and mud.

It’s the kind of day that can be bad on her neck.

When the weather turns cold, she can feel it sometimes, a loose piece of cartilage, or something, touching a nerve.

Angel Eaves – born Ainsworth – is on the bus with her husband, John Arthur Eaves Jr., the Democratic candidate for governor, who will comb north Mississippi for votes on this day.

They probably won’t see the children again until late that night – the kind of disruption in the family routine their four boys call “campaignful.”

Angel Eaves, who says she enjoys campaigning, still has to laugh – appreciating the pun and the truth wrapped inside it.

They are the underdogs.

The overdogs are popular Republican Gov. Haley Barbour and his wife, Marsha.

As expected, the two men in this race have attacked each others’ records. Not as expected, maybe, was a “campaignful” moment when Barbour made an issue of Angel Eaves.

“I got my trophy wife the first time,” he said at the Neshoba County Fair in July.

It was a reference, it seems, to another marriage and to Angel Eaves’ youth.

She is 30, about 11 years younger than her husband who, like Barbour, is an attorney and a millionaire.

She was married twice before – her first husband was also an Eaves, although not related to John. Brady, 11, is her son from that marriage. As for John Arthur Eaves Jr., he has three sons from his first marriage: John III, 13; Sterling, who turns 12 on Thursday; and Christian, 9.

The four boys live with them in their home in Madison, which features a room decorated with posters from favorite movies.

Angel Eaves’ is Gone With the Wind.

“I’m a Mississippi girl,” she said.

In a way, that’s one reason her second marriage ended.

“My husband was a wonderful man,” she said, “but we were more like business partners. We kept moving for his job; we were supposed to come back to Mississippi at one point, but he was transferred again. That wasn’t the life I wanted for my son.”

It was Brady, and all the boys, she was thinking about, she said, after Barbour’s comment.

“They were with us at the fair and heard about it,” she said. “I had to explain what it meant.

“The comment from the governor was true to his character. I was embarrassed for him. I don’t want anything to ever bother the children. As long as it’s not directed toward them, I’m fine.”

For her part, Angel Eaves refers to her and her husband’s previous marriages as “the circumstances we both have been through.”

“I believe God gave us a second chance,” she said.

John Arthur Eaves Jr.’s “second chance” is the daughter of Daryl and Kristie Ainsworth of Jackson, who named her Angela.


Mississippi Public Broadcasting, A Great Election Resource

October 30, 2007

Seperate audio and video interviews, really a great resource for the voters.  I really want to commend them for being out front and using new-media to get solid and fair interviews out to the public.


Stacey Pickering Ad

October 29, 2007

I have been hoping someone would capture this ad, I have seen it a couple times when the DVR was not set and the version on their website was way too small.

Production quality is good, Message is pretty good (lines up with the office) and you come away knowing that Stacey has kids and looks fairly comfortable in front of the camera. Warm/Fuzzy/Humorous

I like it but I am not blown away,

This ad, like Hosemann’s is positive and should cut through all the clutter

ROM Overall Grade: B

Millsaps vs. Trinity 15 lateral passes

October 29, 2007

This needs no comment!

In the season of the improbable of course the impossible happens.  If you are a football fan you will enjoy this


Delbert Hosemann had an ace in the hole, and his name is Simon

October 26, 2007

Frankly we didn’t expect to see another ad out of the Hosemann camp this year, lucky for the voters of Mississippi they had one more up their sleeve.

Hosemann’s new ad “Simon” looks to be a more serious (issue based/candidate in the camera) type, yet the production quality is great and they maintain the warm and positive feel that have brought their campaign this far.

We have yet to hear anything out of his Democratic opponent Rob Smith (I don’t expect to either as my Democratic campaign sources tell me that the Smith campaign has been a miserable failure)

The dog is an excellent idea, Hosemann seems to interact well when sharing the screen.

Many of the people I talk to on the street express that they are tired of negative ads, I happen to love them but that is just personal preference.  At the end of a campaign when there is nothing but mud on the screen, a positive ad campaign like this really stands out to us.

ROM Overall Grade: A

Phil Bryant Says Jamie Franks Likes Crack Dealers

October 26, 2007

Hmm… I am betting that Phil Bryant just lost the Crack Dealer vote.

Definitely Phil’s best attack ad thus far

ROM Overall Grade B+

Why Rob Smith can NOT be Secretary of State Part 2

October 24, 2007


***UPDATED 10/29***

Rob Smith told the Sun Herald on 10/27 that he favors “election day registration” can you imagine the chaos that would be election day if Rob Smith were to win, absolutely no ID or verification of who is voting, 2 totally different voting systems, the state wrapped up in countless lawsuits for discriminating against disabled people and noncompliance with federal HAVA standards as well as same day registration so candidates can bus folks from precinct to precinct (or from out of state) letting them vote over and over again in as many polls as they can get to on election day.

Seriously folks you better vote against this guy if you want your vote to ever count again. – Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Hattiesburg American Editorial Board was obviously as confused as I was when listening to Rob Smith’s rambling and incoherent interview that included such gem quotes as “I don’t want to talk about that issue because I don’t want to wind up on the front page of the paper and cause me to not be elected Secretary of State -Rob Smith Hattiesburg American Interview 2007”

The Hattiesburg American endorsed Delbert Hosemann for Secretary of State over Rob Smith and wrote the following article:

Hosemann for secretary of state

Two strong candidates are running for Secretary of State. Rob Smith, 56, Democrat, left the state Legislature in 2004 after serving a total of 24 years. He lost a bid to become state treasurer in 2003.

He was chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Corrections committees.

He is a Realtor in Richland.

Delbert Hosemann, 60, the Republican candidate, is an attorney with Phelps Dunbar in Jackson and specializes in tax law and is also a real estate developer.

He has been active in non-profits and is on several boards.

Both men had good ideas, especially regarding the management of 16th Section lands but we believe Hosemann would bring a fresh approach that would benefit the citizens of Mississippi.

Hosemann is a staunch advocate of voter reform. He would appoint a task force to work with the Legislature on passing a voter ID bill that would be constitutional and enforceable.

He would offer additional training for pollworkers and county circuit clerks. He supports early voting and would change where absentee ballots are presently kept.

He says he would be vigilant against voter intimidation and would make sure that any reports of voter intimidation – the flip side of the voter ID argument – are thoroughly investigated.

Hosemann would work to establish a business court that would “rejuvenate” how state businesses deal with each other. This promises to be a much more efficient system than what we have now. Business cases now get bogged down in circuit court. The court would be funded by filing fees paid by businesses.

Hosemann also wants to get an accurate inventory of 16th Section land. He wants to collect data that would allow schools boards to have comparative information.

Voter ID continues to be my number one issue in 2007 I will be voting straight Republican for Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State. My endorsements will be out this week and they will not be straight Republican. Although I am committed to making sure that Rob (I pander to anyone who will listen) Smith gets beat.


Colbert’s Big Announcement

October 23, 2007

Big News Folks Stephen Colbert is running for president (maybe)
I may support him, I don’t really like anyone else yet,


Vodpod videos no longer available.